1. 1. To participate in the CrowdRise Holiday Challenge click HERE.

   The link will take you to the NWC “Save Keweenaw Beaches” CrowdRise

   fundraiser page.  Our goal is to get 50,000 people to donate $10 each.  The

   minimum donation is $10, but you can choose to do more : )  Thanks!  If the NWC

   raises the most money between now and January 9, 2014, we get a $100,000

   bonus.  2nd place gets $40,000, 3rd place $20,000.  Why not us?

  1. 2. To help this effort “go viral” read this:  The (only) way this can work is for our fundraiser to “go viral” -- for each donor to ask all their friends and family to donate too, and for each of them to do the same, and so on.  Exponential growth!  We can get to 50,000 donors quickly, but only if you (you!) help spread the word.  There are three ways to do this.  1) On the CrowdRise donation page, click on the Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, or FaceBook link and news of your donation will automatically post to the site(s) you choose or 2) Copy the link for this page and paste it into a FaceBook post, or an email to your address book, or Tweet it out, or how about mention it in your Christmas cards? or 3) Maybe best of all, again from the CrowdRise donation page, click the “Fundraise for this Campaign” or “Join the Team” link and you can create your own page for the Save Keweenaw Beaches fundraiser.  Personalize it with your own photos, your own experiences, then click on one of the links to share it with your online community.  Let’s show and tell the world why the Keweenaw is so special.  Your personal experience and endorsement is powerful.  Let’s go viral!

  1. 3. To become a 2013 Monthly Sustainer, click HERE and choose the “$120 Lump Sum Donation” button.  The NWC mortgage is paid by 500 people who each give $10/month (or a one-time $120/year).  Yup, the NWC still owes money on the Gratiot River County Park, GRCP Addition, Gratiot River North, and Seven Mile Point projects (short version: the State delayed or withheld 3 grants, leaving the NWC holding the bag).  Anyway, we still need about 100 more “2013 Monthly Sustainers” before December 31, 2013.  To become a 2013 Monthly Sustainer   click HERE


  1. 4. To become a 2014 Monthly Sustainer, click HERE and choose either the “$10/month credit card” OR “$10/month bank account” OR “$120 Lump Sum Donation” button.  We’ll need 500 “Monthly Sustainers” in 2014 too.  Most people “re-up” each year (thank you), so we’ll probably need “only” about 200 new donors for 2014.  Many people find the $10/month credit card auto-debit super easy and pretty painless (= about 33 cents/day).  If you could do that starting in January 1, 2014, click HERE and choose the “$10/month credit card button”.  Thank you! 

THANK YOU!!  It’s AMAZING what our ALL-VOLUNTEER group has accomplished:  1,000 acres with nearly 2 miles of Lake Superior shoreline and lots of inlands creeks, ponds, woods, and wetlands.  For gorgeous photos, project details, maps, and directions to each natural area, visit

The NWC is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity.  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  100% of your donation is used for land acquisition because... we’re all volunteers : )